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Business Storage

architectPeter F. Reilly Storage provides affordable, efficient and very convenient Business and Records Storage.

We store business records for major corporations, legal, financial and architectural firms. Prominent institutions that store their records with us include museums, estates, foundations, start-ups, NYC and non-profits.  We also store retail inventories, records, furniture, equipment, as well as arts and antiques.

Most of our business clients lease one of our vaults for storage of their vital records, archives, technical equipment and inventories because of our environment and security systems. Our building and vaults are fire resistant and preferred by customers storing fine arts and antiques because of their natural terra cotta linings. We are able to customize our vaults to meet the special needs of our business clients.

Since we provide individual rooms and vaults, and customers provide their own locks and key records and business materials are never commingled with other accounts.

Peter F. Reilly Storage location makes business storage easy and affordable by being close to subway transportation, having indoor garage loading/unloading bays and large freight elevators.  We are in a long-settled neighborhood where our customers feel safe and our knowledgeable and loyal staff has been with us for years.