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Staging your Brooklyn Condo

Are you are selling your Brooklyn condo or co-op?  Then you owe it to yourself to stage your apartment as to achieve the best sales terms and price.  The sale of Brooklyn condos and co-ops generally generate outstanding returns to the longer term owners. However, selling real estate is a demanding process in the current economic climate. Achieving a fair sales price, involves making your apartment look and feel “move-in ready”.  Reilly Storage can help to stage your unit to optimize its sales potential.  Reilly Storage can provide the short term storage space that will allow you to unclutter your condo or co-op so that potential buyers can picture their own items in your space. We also provide the following staging advice which we personally have found helpful.

Staging Advice for your Brooklyn Condo or Co-op

amypackingboxIt is generally best not to show your Brooklyn apartment to anyone until your apartment has been staged for sale. You can do the staging or you can hire a professional to perform some of the tasks for you.

In summary you are going to:

  • Eliminate chaos and bring order to your apartment as follows. Remove excess furnishings, some furniture and all periodicals, clear the tops of your dressers and counters. Remove half the clothes in your closets and all excess personal artifacts and wired technology.
  • Once your apartment is orderly and sparsely furnished, consider whether you need to update bathrooms, appliances and/or kitchen cabinets.
  • There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint. Paint the apartment in neutral tone(s). If you want some variation, use more than one hue of the same color.
  • Find a great realtor and ask them for additional advice on making the apartment competitive.
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